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Here are FAQs about Our training programs and OSHA courses.

Each lesson takes no more than ten minutes so you’ll never get bored, and you can stop and resume the course as many times as you want. Longer combination courses like the 10 Hour training will take an average of 10 hours and likely require multiple sessions.

If your OSHA 10 certificate is not accepted by your employer for some reason we do offer a full money back guarantee within 30 days of completion. No refunds are offered for non receipt of DOL card as we are not a DOL Outreach provider and explicitly DO NOT offer DOL/Outreach cards.

All training completion certificates that we issue can be verified by anyone either by scanning the QR code, or by entering the unique certificate ID in the verifier page of the website. Verification details include name, course completed, certificate issue and certificate expiry dates.

Absolutely. Our courses are designed with a ‘mobile first’ approach and you can take the training on any Apple or Android device, laptop or PC – all the content will display perfectly.

Yes, you are enrolled upon your course(s) as part of the checkout process and can commence training immediately. If you chose to pay with cryptocurrency your course will become available as soon as payment is confirmed.

It depends on the course and the associated OSHA training standard. Some courses have certification that expires one year after issue because OSHA stipulates an annual training requirement. Other certifications have no expiry date. We set a 3 year expiry date on 10 hour and 30 hour certifications as this is an optimal period for re-training. However, this expiration is not associated with any DOL/Outreach card as we do not provide these. Any expiry date will be clearly shown on your certificate.

Our courses do not have a lengthy final exam at the end. We use shorter quizzes at the end of each module to check and reinforce what you learned. You must pass quizzes with an 80% score to proceed through the course. You will learn everything you need to pass in each module and you can retake each quiz three (3) times. is an online business founded in 2019 to meet the growing demand for interactive, responsive safety training. We aim to provide a 100% digital model suitable for the new generation of workers.

Staycertified and COGNIZENSE LLP are not connected or affiliated with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Staycertified issues verifiable professional program and course completion certificates to document a student’s training in the mandatory topics OSHA stipulates.

No. Staycertified cannot issue DOL or OSHA cards. The cards we issue are training cards used to document student participation and training in one of our programs. If you need an OSHA Outreach card which are associated with the Department of Labor (DOL), please visit their US Dept of Labor’s website.

No – no online course actually meets these requirements. Ultimately, employers are responsible for all hands-on safety training. Safety education is a three-phase process and seeks to ensure employees gain three different things: adequate knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Collectively these are known as (KSAs):

  1. Instruction to gain knowledge;
  2. Hands-on practice to gain skills;
  3. Evaluation of skills on the job to determine abilities.

Our modern online learning courses can be used to satisfy the knowledge component of the training. But, those topics that require hands-on practice using equipment to gain skills (for example confined space entry and fall protection), must be taught by an employer-designated competent person for the specific type of equipment the employees will be using on the job.

To satisfy the hands-on training requirement, employers will have their employees take our online training to satisfy the knowledge component, and then finish up the hands-on component of the training in the workplace.

Whichever method is used – online, instructor led or both –  the employer is always held accountable by OSHA to ensure employees are provided opportunity to practice with the equipment in the learning environment to gain adequate skills.

After the employer is satisfied that employees have gained adequate skills, employees must be evaluated on-the-job to verify they have gained adequate abilities to properly use equipment and perform tasks.

To determine if a topic requires hands-on practice and demonstration of skills refer to OSHA’s Publication 2254, Training Requirements in OSHA Standards.

Each state has different requirements so we cannot offer individual advice. Some states mandate OSHA Outreach training, others have their own specific requirements. You can find more information here on which states require OSHA 10 certification. is a 100% online business. It is an online brand of COGNIZENSE LLP which is registered at:

5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 4AN.

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