OSHA 10 Hour Training: What to look for

OSHA 10 onine training review

Do you work – or plan to work in 2023  in an environment where there is a high chance you will come into contact with workplace related hazards? For example in the construction industry?

There are many dangers in the workplace that can be hazardous to human health so being adequately prepared and trained is essential.

Everyone wants to remain safe at work, and proper OSHA 10 Hour training and knowledge are essential for you to make this possible. 

The great news is that you can now complete this essential safety training online, with a huge number of online training providers to choose from whether you prefer watching videos, interactive eLearning or training on your cellphone.

Participating in OSHA ten training and testing offers other great benefits to those completing the course. OSHA 10 General and OSHA 10 construction are both in depth courses and as the name suggests, take an average of ten hours to complete. 

Essential Information About OSHA 10 Hour Training

The OSHA 10 hour courses are actually split into different modules as they all address specific (sometimes multiple) sub-standards.

For example, the 10 hour general includes modules like respiratory protection, PPE and an Introduction to OSHA.

In contrast the OSHA 10 construction course focusses more on specific hazards that are likely to be encountered on a construction site, and addresses the OSHA ‘Focus Four’ set of hazards.

Not all states require OSHA 10 certification, and some states require that 10 hour training is obtained from an OSHA Outreach Program partner, which makes the training considerably more expensive. Check which states require OSHA 10 certification.

Is OSHA Ten Training Right for Me?

As per the OSHA 1910. standard, OSHA 10 certification training is mandatory for anyone who’s at risk of occupational exposure.

OSHA 10 Training Topics

Both OSHA ten courses are very in depth and contain ten substantial modules. You can view the details curriculum for both the courses at the links below:

OSHA 10 Construction Course Details

OSHA 10 General Course Details

Choosing A Training Provider

It is essential to take your time and choose the best training provider. 

Before enrolling in any training, ensure that the course offered meets the requirements and standards of OSHA.

Nowadays, you are likely better off choosing a company that enables you to undertake the training on your phone or tablet and offers a mobile optimized course.

Good online training solutions can improve retention. Properly designed online OSHA courses, especially those designed with micro-learning principles in mind break content up into manageable chunks and use knowledge checks and quizzing activities to reinforce the learning outcomes.

Advantages Of Online OSHA 10 Training

There are  a wide range of options thru which you can get your OSHA 10 Certificate

Traditionally, the classroom method was the most common way for training to be delivered. In this mode a group of employees or an individual travel to take a class in a specific place that is delivered by a trainer or instructor.

Traditional instructor led training can also involve the instructors going to the workplace to provide training. Many employers prefer to use online training methods because of a wide range of benefits. 

With online training, it becomes easier to train from any place and at a convenient time. This is especially important as for the least coupe of years face-to-face training may have been an impossibility due to anti COVID measures.

Therefore, with this method of learning, you can take the training either during the day or night time, hence the best option for those of you with tight schedules. 

If you are a supervisor or manager in the construction industry it is likely that you will need additional training in best practices on managing safety in construction. You will usually be required to undertake the more advanced OSHA 30 Hour Construction training program.

It is crucial to select a quality training provider to get the most out of your course.

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