Cleaning and Disinfecting


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There are many types of infectious diseases, pathogens and viruses in work environments.

Some examples include:

Proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques in the workplace can help reduce the spread of these potentially serious pathogens, viruses and diseases. This course will teach you how to develop, implement, and maintain a cleaning and disinfecting plan to keep your workplace safe.

This course introduces the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidance that focuses on cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, workplaces, businesses, and schools. This course is intended for business owners, managers, and employees; school administrators, teachers, and support staff; government managers and employees; and anyone working for a private or public organization.

Compliant with OSHA Standards

No Specific Standard - References CFR 1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens

The material in this course is based on the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). However, this course should not be considered as a substitute for the full Bloodborne Pathogens training which covers all OSHA requirements for Bloodborne Pathogen Certification.

Cleaning and Disinfecting - Curriculum

Cleaning and Disinfecting

This lesson introduces the three step plan for cleaning and disinfection.

In this lesson, you will become familiar with steps required to reduce the risk of exposure.

In this lesson, you will learn about how to develop your plan for effective cleaning and disinfection.

In this lesson you will learn the specifics of determining what type of cleaning is required.

In this lesson you will learn about the specific requirements for cleaning different types of spaces.

In this lesson you will learn about how to implement your cleaning and disinfection plan.

In this lesson you will learn more about how to revise your plan to ensure it remains effective.

In this lesson you will learn about how to encourage and maintain safe behavioral practices.


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